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Smart Tech Upgrades for Deerfield Homes: Insurance Benefits with STARS Insurance

When you’re in Deerfield, IL, you want the ultimate home. You’ve worked to find a beautiful home in a great neighborhood. Now, some smart tech upgrades can also benefit your home insurance. At STARS Insurance, we’re here to help you get the most benefits.

Smart Tech for Security

A variety of smart tech upgrades can enhance the security of your home. Secured property can either deter criminals from ever breaking into your home or at least gather information so that you can report it to the police, which can lower your premiums.

Some smart tech that will help with securing your property includes:

  • Video cameras
  • Window sensors
  • Doorbell camera

Many of these will work together to take security to the next level. If you’re not home and any of these sensors are triggered, 911 can even be called on your behalf.

Smart Tech for Other Issues

Other smart tech options can be used to identify issues around your home so that damage is minimized.

Examples of such include:

  • Water leak sensors
  • Fire alarms
  • Smoke sensors
  • Electrical system monitors

All of these can detect an issue quickly to draw your attention. This way, you can address the problem immediately rather than finding out about it days or weeks after the problem has started – and the damage could be more considerable.

Discuss the Many Insurance Benefits with Our Agents

With so many intelligent tech upgrades that you can make, it’s a good idea to discuss your options with an insurance agent. When you’re in Deerfield, IL, call us at STARS Insurance.

We can look at your policy and home and recommend the best upgrades for you.

Three Ways Home Insurance Can Protect You

Home insurance is a critical form of protection that allows you to transfer your risk. It can provide various types of coverage that protect you from many types of perils that can damage your home and personal belongings. Also, the insurance coverage you can obtain through STARS Insurance can help you protect your assets. As a homeowner in Deerfield, IL, it’s important to learn more about the benefits of home insurance, so you realize the importance of retaining coverage and not letting it lapse, which could lead to costly losses.

You Can Protect Your Home

The main objective of home insurance is to protect the home itself. When you maintain coverage in Deerfield, IL, your home will be protected against a wide range of risks that could cause extensive damage. Your home insurance policy can be tailored to fit your specific needs. You’ll be able to protect the dwelling and other structures on the property. 

You Can Protect Yourself From Legal Liable 

As a homeowner, you can find yourself liable for the damages, injuries, or losses of others. For example, if someone were to get hurt on your property, you may be held liable since you own the property. When you get coverage from STARS Insurance, you’ll know that you’re covered for situations like this.

You Can Protect Your Personal Belongings

When you obtain home insurance, you can also protect your contents. These include the types of things that would fall out of your home if it were tipped upside down. Knowing your personal property is covered in the case of a major loss can really offer you peace of mind as a homeowner. You can contact STARS Insurance to learn more and get started.

The Importance of Homeowners Insurance for Older Homes

Founded in 1903, the Chicago suburb of Deerfield, IL has many desirable Victorian and mid-century modern-style homes. The same intricate facades and decorative architecture that makes these homes attractive to buyers can also give pause to insurance companies looking to offer coverage for homeowners. At STARS Insurance, we can help you better understand your homeowner’s insurance policy or find one right for you. Having this type of coverage in place can save extraneous out-of-pocket costs in the case of an incident.

Why Home Insurance?

Homeowners insurance aims to protect you, your home, and your belongings. It’s an essential purchase for two reasons: fortifying your property in the event of a loss and satisfying a mortgage lender. It’s a combination of coverage addressing the perils—events such as a fire, tornado, or theft that causes damage to your property—of owning a home. Some insurance companies are hesitant to provide coverage for older homes, but these often need proper coverage the most.

Typically, these older homes can be cheaper to buy but more expensive to insure. Higher replacement cost, which refers to rebuilding the house in the event of damage, often determines the insurance cost rather than the home’s market value. An older home would be more expensive to repair due to using costly or rare construction materials, labor costs, electrical wiring, plumbing systems, and the roof’s age.

Purchasing insurance from a reputable team is essential to keep you and your home safe. We will be able to guide you through finding a homeowner’s insurance plan to meet your home’s unique needs, regardless of age. Contact the homeowner’s insurance experts at STARS Insurance in Deerfield, IL.

Things home insurance won’t cover

Having home insurance protects your investment from bad things that can happen. It doesn’t, however, protect you from everything. Your home policy has exclusions – things it won’t cover. At STARS Insurance in Deerfield, IL, we want to make sure that all of our customers have the right coverage for their needs. 

Home Coverage Exclusions

Owner neglect

When you buy home insurance, your carrier has an expectation that you will maintain your home. That means not letting your roof get to the point where it is leaking into your home. It also means that you should have a termite bond on your home if you live in an area where they are a risk. 


Floods cause millions of dollars of damage every year all over the country and it isn’t covered by your home insurance. The good news is that you can get coverage with a separate policy if you live where the risk to your home would keep you up at night. 

Earth movement

Earth movement includes earthquakes, sinkholes, mudslides, and landslides and the bad news is that none of them is covered. Again, if you have concerns, you can purchase the additional coverage that you require.


If your home has been invaded by mice, bats, squirrels, or any other pesky critters, you will have to pay to have them removed yourself. They are not covered by home insurance. 

Certain breeds of dog

When it comes to man’s best friend, your home insurance policy doesn’t find some breeds all that friendly. Several breeds are excluded from home insurance coverage. It is important you take that into consideration when getting a dog. If you have questions about whether your pet is covered, give your carrier a call.  

Get Home Insurance Today

Understanding home policy exclusions is important so you can use your home insurance coverage to seek protection for the assets it will cover. Contact STARS Insurance in Deerfield, IL if you would like us to review your current policy or if you are in need of home insurance. 

FAQs about home insurance

Home insurance is something that everyone who owns a home needs. It protects you from quite a few hazards and offers liability coverage. At STARS Insurance in Deerfield IL, we do the work for our customers, finding the right carrier and getting the best deal. As independent agents, we have access to the top carriers in the field. 

Home Insurance: What You Need To Know

How much liability coverage do I need?

Liability coverage depends a lot on what your assets are and your financial worth. Basic coverage may not be enough if you have considerable assets and you may even want to consider an umbrella policy. 

How is my content covered?

You have two options for content coverage. You can cover it for what it is worth today, which means it has depreciated or you can cover it at the cost of replacing it today. It is your choice, but current worth is the less expensive option. 

Is my engagement ring covered if it gets stolen?

Yes, but depending on its value, maybe not completely. Jewelry is one of the coverages that have a limit to the amount you can claim. It makes sense to get an appraisal and add a jewelry rider to your policy to protect your valuable jewelry. 

Is my laptop covered if I take it away from home?

Yes, your personal property is covered both at home and when it travels with you. However, electronics may also have limits, so read your policy to make sure it covers what you need it to. 

Does my policy have any exclusions?

Yes, home policies do have exclusions. Flooding is not covered, earth movement like earthquakes is not covered, owner neglect is not covered and if your sewer backs up, the cleanup is on you. 

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Contact STARS Insurance in Deerfield, IL with your home insurance questions and to get a free no-obligation quote. 

Creating and storing a home inventory

Making a home inventory is time-consuming, there is no way around it. However, it is time well spent. In the event you ever need to file a claim, and statistically, the chances are good you will file a claim, you will be grateful that you have it. At STARS Insurance in Buffalo Grove, IL, we are independent agents and offer our customers the top carriers in the business. We will make sure you get the best at the best price. 

Most homeowners will file a claim with their insurance company at some point. You will need to prove what you lost. Your home inventory will provide the information that you need if you have one. It is much easier to create a home inventory when you can see your content rather than trying to create it from memory when it is gone. 

Start by going to every room in your home and making a record of what is in that room. Open the drawers and closets to make sure you don’t miss anything. Take pictures as you go through from different angles. If you have sales slips or receipts, attach them. Be as detailed as possible in your description. Don’t just say a TV. Give the brand and model number and serial number if possible, you will thank yourself later. 

Go through all the rooms in your home and don’t forget the basement, attic, and garage. Once you have completed the inventory, you need to store it safely. Away from the residence is a good idea to make sure it survives intact. If you must store it at home, make sure it is in a water and fireproof container. Having a copy in the cloud is a good idea. You have access to it no matter where you are.

Contact STARS Insurance in Buffalo Grove, IL for all your insurance needs. 

Extra Types of Home Insurance That You May Need

Though all homeowner’s insurance can be different, there are some things that are covered. Most of the time, your home and the contents in it will be covered by your policy. It may also include liability, which covers medical bills if someone gets hurt on your property. 

That being said, you may want to look into some extra insurance, just to make sure that you are fully protected. These may include: 

Flood. If you live in an area that sees flooding, you are going to want to protect yourself. Damage from flooding can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, making it worth the extra few dollars a month! 

Earthquake. Just like flood insurance, you are going to want extra insurance if you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes. 

Personal Umbrella Liability. If you want to make sure that you are fully protected against any injuries that may occur on your property, you are going to want to purchase some extra liability insurance. 

Personal Valuables. If you own some expensive jewelry, art, furniture, or other pieces, you may want to get some extra insurance to cover your loss. Though the content of your home is included in your policy, it may not be enough to cover your expensive pieces. 

In order to make sure that you are fully protected, you need to talk to a professional insurance agent in your area. In Buffalo Grove, IL, don’t hesitate to contact us today at STARS Insurance. We will be happy to sit down to make sure that you have all of the insurance that you need.  

Buying a Home in a Flood Zone

When shopping for a new home in Buffalo Grove, IL, you have many things to consider. All buyers should look into if their new home is in a flood zone before putting in an offer. Though buying a home in a flood zone should not deter you from making your purchase, you need to be sure you understand what can happen when shopping for homeowners insurance. For questions about insuring a home in a flood zone, call the experts at STARS Insurance to discuss your options.

What Is a Flood Zone? 

When buying a home, check the areas flooding maps to see if your home is in a flood zone. Being in a flood zone puts your home at a higher risk of experiencing damage from floodwaters. In addition, living in a flood zone can result in higher insurance premiums, based on the flood zone your home is located. Flood zones are categorized as low, moderate, or high risk. The Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) website can help you see where the home you are buying falls in flood zone risk. 

What is Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is supplemental insurance protecting your home and belongings in the event of a flood. Typical homeowners insurance policies do not pay for flood damage caused by extreme storms, storm surge, or other events causing rising waters in your area. A flood insurance policy helps pay for repairs and replacement for items not covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy in the event of a flood. 

Do I Need Flood Insurance? 

If your new home is in a flood zone, having flood insurance is a good idea. Additionally, your mortgage lender may require you to carry flood insurance to protect your home. 

For additional information about flood zones in Buffalo Grove, IL, or to see if your new home is in a flood zone, contact the experts at STARS Insurance. Our agents can help you cover your new home, even if it is in a flood zone.

How Does Home Insurance Protect Me?

Buying a home is quite a journey. It’s one of the significant financial commitments you will ever face. In light of this, it’s vital to protect your hard-earned investment with commercial insurance. While most homeowners understand the importance of home insurance, many don’t know how home insurance covers them. If you buy home insurance from STARS Insurance for your Buffalo Grove, IL home, here is how the insurance protects you.

Liability protection

Suppose your dog bites someone? Or perhaps, you throw a party, and an intoxicated guest slips and injures their leg? In both cases, you could face possible medical costs and lawsuit charges. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay bodily injury costs sustained to others from your pocket if you have home insurance. Besides bodily injury coverage, home insurance covers property damage you cause to other people. 

Assets protection

How much has it cost you to put up your home? It must be thousands of dollars. Given that you have put your sweat, blood, and soul into bringing your dream home to fruition, you need home insurance to protect your asset from unforeseen circumstances. When disaster strikes, home insurance pays for repairing or rebuilding your home up to your policy limit.

Additional living expenses coverage

Suppose a covered peril like fire or windstorm damages your home. You may need to seek temporal shelter, incurring expenses like travel and hotel food and accommodation. Thankfully, if you have ALE coverage, your insurer pays for living expenses exceeding your everyday living expenses.

Medical coverage

If a guest is injured in your home, the medical coverage in your home insurance covers their medical costs.

Buy home insurance today!

As you can see, home insurance protects you in more than one way. To that end, if you are looking for home insurance in Buffalo Grove, IL, contact STARS Insurance for a comprehensive quote.