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3 Tips for Safe Summer Driving

Although winter weather is known for causing hazardous roads, most people aren’t aware of how hazardous summer driving can be as well. Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to be prepared for the rising temperatures. STARS Insurance has put together a few tips to ensure you and your vehicle are prepared for safe summer driving in Buffalo Grove, IL.

Be Aware of Road Construction

Warmer weather generally means the snow and ice will be replaced with road construction. Although construction is beneficial for the roads, it can also lead to accidents. Construction often leads to congested roads, so it’s important to slow down and be aware of your surroundings while driving.

Be Cautious Increased Traffic

The arrival of summer encourages more people to get out, which ultimately leads to increased traffic and a greater risk of an accident. Whether you are driving to work in the morning or traveling for an annual family vacation, it’s essential that you stay patient and allow yourself plenty of time to safely arrive at your destination.

Stay on Top of Vehicle Maintenance

Hotter weather means your vehicle is working harder to stay in top running condition, so make sure to schedule routine maintenance for your vehicle, including an oil change and topping off all fluids. The hotter weather also means the pavement will be hotter, which can be rough on tires. The heat may cause the air inside the tire to expand, and it could potentially cause the tire to burst. So, be sure to check the tire pressure before driving each time.

The most important thing to do for driving safely during the summer is to remain patient and leave a few minutes before your scheduled departure. Here’s an extra tip as well-most vehicles are equipped with a button for circulating the air in the cabin of your vehicle, if you activate this while driving with your air conditioner on, the circulated air will actually help to keep the cabin cooler.

At Accurate Auto Insurance, we take pride in covering Illinois vehicle auto insurance as well as many other states. As a car-centric company, we want to ensure you drive safely. If you have questions about our services or safe driving in the summer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

Residents of Buffalo Grove, IL who want to learn more information about summer safety driving or to discuss their automobile insurance policy should contact STARS Insurance.

Who Should Invest in Commercial Insurance?

In order to truly answer the question of who should invest in commercial insurance, it’s necessary to understand what commercial insurance is, and what it does. Commercial insurance works just like most insurance in that it creates a safety net or protection from unforeseen events that may affect your business and your profitability. It can also protect business owners from personal liability. 

So…Who Needs this Type of Insurance?

In short, commercial insurance can benefit any business owner who wants to protect their business from lawsuits, property damage, theft, and injuries, to name a few. Most business owners can benefit from this type of insurance. Particularly if they own and operate a business that puts them in contact with the public or requires travel. However, commercial insurance isn’t limited to business owners who have these types of activities as a normal part of their operations. In short, any business owner who wants some protection and peace of mind from personal liability and financial losses that can come from a wide variety of different situations should invest in commercial insurance. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Entail? How Does it Work?

Commercial insurance can provide protection and peace of mind from a wide variety of different situations and circumstances. Best yet, business owners can purchase different types of coverage to suit their business. In other words, there are different types of coverage that fall under the title of commercial insurance. Our team at STARS insurance takes pride in guiding business owners when it comes to selecting the best coverage for their business. Commercial insurance includes coverage for injury claims, cyber-attacks, general liability, property damage, and workers’ compensation. However, there are other forms of coverage as well. As with any insurance policy, you buy the type of coverage or protection that will protect you and your business from potential harm. Businesses differ in terms of what’s needed. One business may need more of one type of coverage than another. As a result, business owners can invest in the type of coverage that will benefit their businesses the most. Navigating commercial insurance can be a little confusing, however. Give us a call. We’re here to answer your questions and help you to select the best commercial insurance coverage for your business.