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FAQs about home insurance

Home insurance is something that everyone who owns a home needs. It protects you from quite a few hazards and offers liability coverage. At STARS Insurance in Deerfield IL, we do the work for our customers, finding the right carrier and getting the best deal. As independent agents, we have access to the top carriers in the field. 

Home Insurance: What You Need To Know

How much liability coverage do I need?

Liability coverage depends a lot on what your assets are and your financial worth. Basic coverage may not be enough if you have considerable assets and you may even want to consider an umbrella policy. 

How is my content covered?

You have two options for content coverage. You can cover it for what it is worth today, which means it has depreciated or you can cover it at the cost of replacing it today. It is your choice, but current worth is the less expensive option. 

Is my engagement ring covered if it gets stolen?

Yes, but depending on its value, maybe not completely. Jewelry is one of the coverages that have a limit to the amount you can claim. It makes sense to get an appraisal and add a jewelry rider to your policy to protect your valuable jewelry. 

Is my laptop covered if I take it away from home?

Yes, your personal property is covered both at home and when it travels with you. However, electronics may also have limits, so read your policy to make sure it covers what you need it to. 

Does my policy have any exclusions?

Yes, home policies do have exclusions. Flooding is not covered, earth movement like earthquakes is not covered, owner neglect is not covered and if your sewer backs up, the cleanup is on you. 

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