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How To Protect Your Boat From Theft

Protecting your boat goes a lot further than simply having a great insurance policy in place. Your insurance professionals at STARS Insurance, serving Deerfield, IL and the surrounding areas, are here to help you with great boat protection tips.

Here are some ways to keep your boat safe all year long:

Use an Alarm System

Alarms aren’t just for homes and cars. They can also be helpful tools to keep your boat safe from theft. Alarms are easy to install and can be linked to local emergency services to alert them if there is a problem. 

Choose Your Marina Carefully

The marina where your boat will be docked is an important part of your security. Before choosing a marina, you should research the owners, the area, and the history of the business. Talk to other boat owners who have used them to see what their experience has been like. You might also want to talk to locals in the area to get a feel for what type of area it is and what type of crime rates there are. 

Remove Personal Belongings Before Storage

If you will be docking or storing your boat, you should consider removing all personal belongings that might attract criminals. In most cases, a boat will not be a main target if it is empty. Even if you are only leaving the boat for a short time, do not leave your personal belongings inside. 

Make Your Boat Hard To Move

If your boat is being stored or kept on land, make sure that it can not be moved easily. You can install security features that lock the boat wheels or you can keep it in a place that is not easily accessed.

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