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Four misconceptions about commercial insurance

At STARS Insurance, we’re here to meet the insurance needs of business owners in Deerfield, IL. If you own a business, you need to be aware of common misconceptions that might cause you to make insurance mistakes. 

Here are four common misconceptions about commercial insurance: 

Smaller or new businesses don’t need commercial insurance coverage

You need to insure your business even if it hasn’t been around that long. You also need to insure your business even if it hasn’t grown to a very large size. All companies need insurance coverage because all companies face liability risks. 

Every company has the same commercial insurance needs.

The commercial insurance needs that your company faces depend on a variety of factors such as your industry and business practices.

Don’t think that your company’s insurance needs are the same as any other company’s insurance needs. It’s very important for commercial insurance policies to be customized to the needs of the insured company. 

Commercial liability coverage always covers employee injuries. 

If you want to be sure that employee injuries are covered, you need to invest in workers compensation coverage. This type of coverage might not be included in a standard commercial insurance policy unless the policyholder requests to have it included. 

Most companies don’t need cyber insurance.

Cyber insurance might be more important than you think. Cyber insurance protects sensitive customer data while also securing your company’s own information. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect this type of coverage without looking into its many benefits.

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