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Do You Need Flood Insurance if You Live Away From a Body of Water?

At STARS Insurance, we are dedicated to serving the residents of the Deerfield, IL area. With our comprehensive flood insurance coverage, we strive to provide our customers with the peace of mind they deserve. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is committed to helping our customers navigate the complexities of flood insurance, ensuring they are adequately protected against any potential risks.

Flood Insurance

When considering whether people who live away from bodies of water need flood insurance, it is important to understand the details of each customer’s situation. While individuals residing near rivers, lakes, or coastlines are typically at a higher risk of experiencing flooding, it is essential to know that flood events can occur virtually anywhere. 

It is estimated that nearly 25% of flood insurance claims filed each year are from areas not deemed high-risk for flooding. That’s why it is a good idea for individuals, despite their geographical location, to carefully determine their flood risk and evaluate the need for insurance coverage. Certain conditions, such as heavy rainfall, dam failures, or even urban development, can cause sudden water accumulation, potentially resulting in severe damage to homes and properties. 

It is important to highlight that while obtaining flood insurance is optional for those living outside designated flood zones, certain circumstances may require individuals to carry such coverage. For example, federal law mandates that you have flood insurance if you have a mortgage through a federally regulated or insured lender and your property is located in a special flood-risk area.

Additionally, some local government agencies may impose mandatory flood insurance requirements for properties in flood-prone regions, regardless of their proximity to bodies of water. It is highly recommended that individuals consult with our insurance professionals and assess their unique circumstances to determine whether obtaining flood insurance is necessary.

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STARS Insurance is committed to providing the best service to residents in the Deerfield, IL area. Our team offers reliable flood insurance coverage for your peace of mind. With our professional expertise and experience, we understand the potential risks and challenges of living in a flood-prone region.

We encourage you to reach out by calling or stopping by our office for more information. STARS Insurance is your trusted partner in safeguarding your home and possessions, allowing you to face unforeseen events confidently.

How Flood Insurance Works and Why You Need It Now

If you live in a flood plain, your mortgage broker may require you to get flood insurance as a condition of giving you the loan. Your home insurance company may also require flood insurance. However, it’s not as easy as adding this to your policy. The stellar agents at STARS Insurance can help you understand how flood coverage works and what policies are available in your area of Deerfield, IL.

How Flood Insurance Works

Flood insurance protects your building and its contents up to certain limits. You can buy flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). However, not everyone is eligible for coverage under this federal program. You can also buy flood insurance from private insurers, which may offer more options. Our team is here to guide you through the process so that you understand all the related factors.

Floods rip through communities with terrifying speed. Protect your home and belongings with the right policy for you. It’s also important to understand why you need flood insurance as soon as possible.

Why You Should Get Flood Insurance 

You can protect your property and belongings in the event of a flood, one of the most frequent natural disasters throughout the US. Talk to your agent to ensure you comply with the federal requirements for flood insurance. That’s crucial if you live in a high-risk flood area. 

If you want to eliminate dependence on federal disaster assistance, consider a private insurer. At STARS Insurance, knowledgeable insurance professionals will guide you through different flood insurance options. That makes it easier to narrow down your choices.

We Can Help!

With global warming causing more and more unpredictable weather, you need flood coverage you can count on. Contact us today to make an appointment to get a flood insurance quote in Deerfield, IL.

How much flood insurance do I need?

When it comes to protecting your Deerfield, IL area home and property from floods, flood insurance is an essential part of any homeowner’s safety plan. But how much flood insurance do you need?

Here are a few things to consider from us at STARS Insurance.

How much flood insurance do you need?

The answer depends on many factors. The first step is to determine the risk of flooding in your area. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides maps that identify areas at risk for flooding. You can use this information to understand the potential severity of a flood in your location. 

Next, consider the type of coverage you will need for protection against floods. Take into account the value of your property, including any family heirlooms or items that might have sentimental value, as well as the cost of replacing furniture or appliances should they be damaged by water. Make sure that your policy covers both structural damages as well as personal property damage from flooding. 

Finally, talk to an experienced insurance agent about getting quotes for different levels of coverage based on your unique needs and budget. They can provide advice about what level of coverage would best suit your needs and provide options so that you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to purchasing flood insurance. 

By understanding the risks associated with living in an area prone to flooding and understanding what kind of coverage is best suited to protect you and your belongings, you can make sure that you have enough flood insurance to cover whatever life throws at you down the road.

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5 Ways to Prepare for a Flood

Floods are one of the most destructive natural disasters, capable of causing billions of dollars in damage and leaving communities reeling for months or even years afterward. While it’s impossible to completely protect your home from flood damage, there are some steps you can take to minimize the risk. STARS Insurance in Deerfield, IL provides you the following guide.

Here are five ways to prepare for a flood

1. Get Flood Insurance

If you live in a flood-prone area, flood insurance is a must. Even if you’re not required to have it by your mortgage lender, it’s still a good idea to get coverage. Flood insurance will help cover the cost of repairs to your home and possessions after a flood. Remember, standard homeowners insurance policies don’t cover flood damage, so you’ll need a separate policy.

2. Clear Gutters and Drains

One way to reduce the risk of flooding is to make sure your gutters and drains are clear. Clogged gutters can cause rainwater to back up and overflow, flooding your home. Likewise, clogged drains can prevent water from draining properly, causing it to pool around your home. Regularly clear leaves, twigs, and other debris from your gutters and drains to help reduce the risk of flooding.

3. Have a Flood Plan

You should have a plan in place in case of a flood. Know how to safely turn off your home’s electricity and gas, and have a list of emergency phone numbers handy. Have a bag packed with essential items like food, water, and medicine in case you need to evacuate. And be sure everyone in your family knows where to go in the event of a flood.

4. Store Valuables and Important Documents

If you live in a flood-prone area, it’s a good idea to store your most valuable possessions and important documents in a safe, dry place. This could be a waterproof storage container, a safety deposit box, or even a high spot in your home. That way, if your home does flood, you won’t lose everything.

5. Stay Informed

Monitoring conditions in your area can help you be prepared for a flood. Keep an eye on the forecast and watch for flood warnings. If a flood is expected, take steps to protect yourself and your possessions.

Floods can be devastating, but there are some steps you can take to minimize the risk. Unfortunately, even if you take all the necessary precautions, you can’t always prevent flood damage. That’s why it’s so important to have flood insurance. STARS Insurance in Deerfield, IL can help you find the right policy to protect your home. Give us a call today to learn more.