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How Deerfield Boaters Navigate The Murky Waters of Boat Insurance

Navigating Illinois Boat Insurance: A Guide for Deerfield, IL Boat Owners

Choosing a suitable insurance policy for your boat in Deerfield, IL, may initially seem like a complex task, considering the responsibility that comes with protecting not only your vessel but its passengers and their belongings. However, Stars Insurance professionals are here to alleviate your worries and help you pursue the best boat insurance coverage.

Understanding the Basics of Illinois Boat Insurance

Boat insurance is a strategic financial shield for local boaters against devastating events like boating accidents, theft, or damage. It provides coverage for varied risks and is available in several types in Illinois.

Common Illinois Boat Insurance Plans

The Illinois boat insurance types commonly sought by boaters include:

  • Liability Insurance for Illinois Boaters
  • Property Coverage
  • Medical Payments Coverage
  • Uninsured Boater Coverage
  • Underinsured Boater Coverage
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Towing and Emergency Assistance for Illinois Boaters

Choosing Comprehensive Boat Insurance in Deerfield, IL

Comprehensive boat insurance in Illinois offers extended coverage for various incidents, providing more protection for your vessel. Full coverage boat insurance safeguards your finances against total loss caused by collisions, natural disasters, vandalism, and other non-collision-related events.

Tips for Storing a Boat

If you want to maximize a boat’s lifespan, it is essential to know how to properly store and winterize the watercraft. Proper storage will help proactively prevent potential damage to the boat when not in use during the off-season. If you are a boater or boat owner in the greater Deerfield, IL, area, the insurance specialists at STARS Insurance offer these essential tips for storing your boat as the summer boating season begins to draw near.

Tips for Storing a Boat

Remember to keep all boat-related paperwork (insurance, registration, and maintenance records) in a safe, conveniently accessible location and –

Clean the Inside/Outside of the Boat

Before storing, remove all debris and dirt on the inside and the hull and deck. Clean compartments to prevent mold/mildew growth.

Change the Oil & Flush the Engine

Consider changing the watercraft’s oil and oil filter before storing the boat. If the boat has an inboard or stern-drive engine, flush it with fresh water to remove any salt/contaminants. Add antifreeze to the cooling system and a fuel stabilizer to the boat’s fuel tank to prevent the gas from breaking down.

Drain Water Systems

Drain all water from the boat’s systems to prevent the freezing of pipes, pumps, etc.

Disconnect Batteries

Disconnect the boat’s batteries and store them in a dry, cool location.

Elevate the Boat & Cover Properly

Use a cover that fits properly/snugly, as this offers the best protection from harsh elements. Elevate on blocks, as this keeps moisture away from the hull. Be sure if the boat is stored indoors that, there is proper ventilation to avoid mold/mildew.

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For more information on the many ways to protect your boat, contact the Deerfield, IL-based STARS Insurance. We can assist you with all your boat insurance needs. 

How To Protect Your Boat From Theft

Protecting your boat goes a lot further than simply having a great insurance policy in place. Your insurance professionals at STARS Insurance, serving Deerfield, IL and the surrounding areas, are here to help you with great boat protection tips.

Here are some ways to keep your boat safe all year long:

Use an Alarm System

Alarms aren’t just for homes and cars. They can also be helpful tools to keep your boat safe from theft. Alarms are easy to install and can be linked to local emergency services to alert them if there is a problem. 

Choose Your Marina Carefully

The marina where your boat will be docked is an important part of your security. Before choosing a marina, you should research the owners, the area, and the history of the business. Talk to other boat owners who have used them to see what their experience has been like. You might also want to talk to locals in the area to get a feel for what type of area it is and what type of crime rates there are. 

Remove Personal Belongings Before Storage

If you will be docking or storing your boat, you should consider removing all personal belongings that might attract criminals. In most cases, a boat will not be a main target if it is empty. Even if you are only leaving the boat for a short time, do not leave your personal belongings inside. 

Make Your Boat Hard To Move

If your boat is being stored or kept on land, make sure that it can not be moved easily. You can install security features that lock the boat wheels or you can keep it in a place that is not easily accessed.

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If you would like to learn more about boat insurance, please contact us at STARS Insurance serving Deerfield, IL and the surrounding areas. 

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Boat Insurance?

If your boat insurance cost is high, you might be forced to give up some coverage to make it more affordable. This would result in your boat not being sufficiently insured, which can be detrimental. However, this doesn’t have to be since you understand what factors impact the cost of your watercraft insurance; you can manipulate them to make your boat insurance more affordable. STARS Insurance in Deerfield, IL provides this guide on factors impacting your boat insurance cost.

Boat Insurance: What You Need To Know

1. Boat Ownership Experience

If you are a newbie boat owner, your watercraft insurance rates will be higher than those of an experienced boat owner. This is because the insurance company will see your lack of boat ownership experience to mean you are more likely to get into an accident, injure people, and damage property.

2. Driving Record

Even though you are an experienced boat owner, the insurance rates for your vessel can be high if your driving record indicates that you are reckless. The insurer will charge you higher watercraft insurance rates assuming that you will drive recklessly again, cause an accident, and make a claim. At Stars Insurance, we advise that you do your best to maintain a clean record, as it can be challenging to turn a tarnished driving record clean.

3. Storage Location

If you store your vessel in a locked garage, the insurer will assume that it is less likely to be vandalized, stolen, or damaged by a natural disaster like a severe hailstorm. Therefore, they will make your boat insurance more affordable. However, if you store your vessel at a marina or on your driveway, the insurance company will believe that it’s at a greater risk of being stolen or damaged. This increased risk will cause your boat insurance rates to go up.

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Do you need more info on boat insurance in the greater Deerfield, IL community? The insurance experts at STARS Insurance are ready to help you.

How Does Boat Insurance Protect Me?

Boating takes many forms. But whether it’s sailing, fishing, kayaking, or cruising in your beloved boat, you can be sure of limitless fun whenever you are in the water. And speaking of boating, there is no better state to spend your day in the water like Illinois. Featuring water bodies like Lake Michigan, Chicago, and the Mississippi River, Illinois is the perfect destination for boaters. 

However, as you have your best life in the water, don’t forget about boat insurance from STARS Insurance of Buffalo Grove, IL. Investing in boat insurance protects you in the below areas:

Liability protection

Boat insurance covers liabilities such as bodily injury and property damage for accidents you are deemed responsible for. Besides, boat insurance covers legal costs if the third party sues you for accidents you cause. Given that liability claims can be astronomical, boat insurance saves you out-of-pocket expenses, which can severely dent your pocket.

Physical damage protection

What would happen if your boat were involved in an accident? You could face expensive boat repairs that could soar into thousands of dollars. Worse yet, if the accident was severe, your boat could be totaled. Now think about the cost of replacement!

Thankfully, you don’t have to undergo such nightmares when you have invested in boat insurance. Collision and comprehensive coverages compensate you for loss or damage to your boat caused by various perils, including theft, fire, vandalism, accidents, falling objects, and other risks.

Medical payments coverage

Boat insurance covers medical costs for you and your passengers following a boating accident. This coverage pays for medical expenses, including first aid, hospitalization, surgery, x-rays, and medications, regardless of the party responsible for the accident.

Get boat insurance today!

Boat insurance ensures that you float with confidence wherever the fun takes you. Are you ready to get started with boat insurance in Buffalo Grove, IL? All you need to do is to contact STARS Insurance to start the conversation.