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Creating and storing a home inventory

Making a home inventory is time-consuming, there is no way around it. However, it is time well spent. In the event you ever need to file a claim, and statistically, the chances are good you will file a claim, you will be grateful that you have it. At STARS Insurance in Buffalo Grove, IL, we are independent agents and offer our customers the top carriers in the business. We will make sure you get the best at the best price. 

Most homeowners will file a claim with their insurance company at some point. You will need to prove what you lost. Your home inventory will provide the information that you need if you have one. It is much easier to create a home inventory when you can see your content rather than trying to create it from memory when it is gone. 

Start by going to every room in your home and making a record of what is in that room. Open the drawers and closets to make sure you don’t miss anything. Take pictures as you go through from different angles. If you have sales slips or receipts, attach them. Be as detailed as possible in your description. Don’t just say a TV. Give the brand and model number and serial number if possible, you will thank yourself later. 

Go through all the rooms in your home and don’t forget the basement, attic, and garage. Once you have completed the inventory, you need to store it safely. Away from the residence is a good idea to make sure it survives intact. If you must store it at home, make sure it is in a water and fireproof container. Having a copy in the cloud is a good idea. You have access to it no matter where you are.

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