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Is auto liability insurance enough coverage for the new car that I’m leasing?

If you have a car loan or are currently leasing your car, your insurance requirements may differ from other drivers. All drivers are required to carry auto liability insurance. However, there may be situations that require a driver to carry more than just the state minimum required auto insurance. Our STARS Insurance team is committed to helping Deerfield, IL drivers get the coverage they need.

What does Liability Insurance Cover?

Liability insurance covers any medical, legal, or property damage fees you may incur as a result of injuring someone, damaging someone else’s property, or being found at fault for some other driving-related incident. Every state requires drivers to carry auto liability coverage in order to legally drive. However, this form of coverage doesn’t cover anything else beyond other persons’ injuries, property damage, or liability claims. It will not provide any coverage for your damaged property or injuries.

Is auto liability insurance enough coverage for the new car that I’m leasing?

Typically, no. Most lenders and lease holders require drivers to carry full coverage auto insurance. Liability coverage will only cover damage or injuries that the other driver/person experiences. As a loan holder or someone that’s leasing a car, you’re not the owner.

This means that the bank or the hearse holder owns the car until you’ve either paid the car off or completed your lease term. As a result, the lender and the leaseholder require the driver to carry full coverage auto insurance in the event that something happens to damage or total the car. This ensures that the lender or leaseholder will be fully compensated for the vehicle.

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