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Cracked Windshields and Car Insurance: The Ins and Outs

If you’re worried about your vehicle’s windshield getting cracked, it’s important to know whether your insurance policy will protect you. Our team at STARS Insurance can help you understand whether your Deerfield, IL coverage will effectively pay for any damage caused to your windshield.

A General Policy May Not Help 

A basic collision or liability vehicle insurance policy won’t help you if your windshield gets cracked, even when it’s not your fault. There’s a reason for that: it simply doesn’t cover it. Collision and liability protection cover damages caused by accidents or any damages you cause in an accident. 

So, unless your windshield is cracked in a collision accident, your policy isn’t going to pay out. So what do you do if issues like weather damage your windshield? The only thing you can do is pay for repairs and upgrade your policy to comprehensive to avoid this problem in the future.

Comprehensive Coverage Does 

While your general policy may not protect you if your windshield gets cracked, comprehensive coverage is designed for this kind of extra help. Comprehensive policies typically have a myriad of different damage issues that you can add to your protection to ensure it’s safe, like:

  • Falling tree branches either in a storm or due to damage to the tree through aging 
  • Flying baseballs, softballs, or other types of sports balls hitting the windshield
  • Vandalism or animal attacks causing serious damage to your windshield
  • Snow, rain, or hail damaging your windshield unexpectedly
  • Debris from a heavy windstorm impacting your windshield

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Our skilled team at STARS Insurance can provide you with the help that your Deerfield, IL vehicle needs to stay strong and avoid serious damage. By upgrading your policy to comprehensive, you provide yourself with the security that you need to keep your windshield strong and secure.