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Personal & Family Insurance

Protecting you and your loved ones

Get good protection with the right auto insurance

Auto Insurance

Whatever you drive, you have a lot riding on those wheels: Your loved ones and your peace of mind. Choosing the right auto insurance can help protect you from the risks of the road. At STARS Insurance, we'll work with you from the start to help protect you wherever you go.

Car insurance tailored to you

A STARS Insurance car insurance policy can cover:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Injuries caused by uninsured/underinsured motorists
  • Medical payments
  • Comprehensive damage from events like fire and theft
  • Collisions with other vehicles and objects

You can also add Rental Reimbursement Coverage, New Car Replacement Coverage, Roadside Assistance Coverage, Loan or Lease Gap Coverage and more.

Be confident in your insurance choices. Contact us today. We'll work with you to develop an auto insurance policy that fits your needs and your budget.

Get comprehensive coverage with STARS Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Whether you're buying insurance for your first home, or the high-value home of your dreams, STARS Insurance can help you protect this prized possession with homeowners insurance that fits your priorities and your budget.

STARS Insurance policies can provide coverage for:

  • Damage to your home's physical structure (Dwelling coverage)
  • Damage to other structures like a garage or shed (Other Structures coverage)
  • Your personal belongings - whether in your home or elsewhere (Personal Property coverage)
  • Additional living expenses if necessary in the event of a covered loss (Loss of Use coverage)
  • Your personal liability in the event someone is injured or their property is damaged by you or a family member (Liability coverage)
  • Extra coverage for valuable items

STARS Insurance offers you way to save and protect your home

STARS Insurance offers many ways to save on your homeowners insurance, one being a discount if you buy other STARS Insurance policies, such as auto insurance, personal liability umbrella insurance and more.

Yachts & Boats

Insurance for Recreational Vehicles

By teaming up with top-rated insurance companies, STARS can proudly offer quality insurance products for recreational or commercial boats and yachts of all types and sizes.

  • Hull limits of any value
  • Worldwide navigation available for luxury yachts
  • Liability-only coverage available
  • 6-pac and 12-pac charters
  • Corporate ownership
  • Agreed value and ACV policies available
  • Liability limits up to $1 million
  • Affordable rates and quick turnaround on quotes and policies

We are licensed in Illinois and Florida.

We'll find the plan that fits your life

Health Insurance for Individuals & Families

When it's time to find your Health Insurance, STARS Insurance professionals will guide you step-by-step in the process. Through our strategic partnerships, STARS Insurance offers a variety of options – and we strive to make your insurance experience easy and convenient.

Not sure where to start? Let's take a look at the coverages you might need:

Individual Medical Coverage
If you don't have health insurance coverage through your employer or other group, individual medical coverage is most likely the option for you. STARS Insurance has access to a wide range of plans designed to meet your unique needs.

Medicare Supplement Insurance
If you're a senior citizen participating in Medicare, you should consider a Medicare supplement plan. It provides extra protection to help with many of the expenses not covered by Medicare.

Short-Term Medical Insurance
If you're between jobs or just waiting for other coverage to begin, short-term medical insurance can provide temporary coverage to help you stay protected.

Supplemental Products
Supplemental plans are designed to work with your existing health insurance. They provide added protection in a sometimes unpredictable world. STARS Insurance offers critical illness, accident, and dental coverage.

Group Health Coverage
Group Health Coverage is a policy purchased by an employer and offered to eligible employees (and often to the employees' family members) as a benefit of working for that company. Talk to us about the right group coverage for your business.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance for Individuals & Families

Term Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance is a life insurance policy that provides coverage at a specified premium for a limited time. If an insured passes away during the period, the beneficiary will receive the death benefit. At the end of the term the policy expires. Term life insurance provides the greatest benefit per premium dollar paid but with the downside of the policy expiring at an agreed upon future date.

Whole Life Insurance
Whole Life Insurance is an insurance policy that applies throughout the insured’s whole life, with a requirement of yearly (or monthly)premium. Whole life insurance policy provides continuous coverage and only expires over non-payment of premium.

Universal Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance is a type of permanent life insurance. It does not require an exact monthly or yearly premium, however, the cash value of the policy rises by the amount deposited and the interest that money earns. There is a monthly cost of insurance charge that is debited against the credit of premium and interest earned. The excess of the premium payment above the current cost of insurance is credited to the cash value of the policy. This is the most flexible life insurance policy but also requires the most planning.

Disability insurance
Policy that insures an insured’s earned income against the risk that a disability would cause the insured to be unable to complete core requirements of his or her job. Disability insurance is composed of two parts: short-term disability benefits (less than 6 months) and long-term disability benefits (more than 6 months).

Long Term Care
Policy that insures an insured in case the insured is unable to complete the responsibilities of his or her job for an unknown time in the future.

Annuity is a contractually-executed investment product in which an insured invests a lump sum at the beginning of the term with a guaranteed income flow for the remained of the insured’s life or until the end of the contract, whichever comes first. This investment is relatively low risk and is a great choice for retirement, providing a steady, consistent and guaranteed-upon flow of income for an expected number of years.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Ready to unwind and go places? Your luggage, clothes and gadgets are all packed. While you hope everything is under control, the unexpected can happen: a sudden storm closing the airport and delaying your trip, or lost luggage to name a few of the incidents that can ruin your vacation. Are you protected?

Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption
Reimburses nonrefundable, unused payments or deposits if you must cancel or interrupt your trip due to an illness, injury, or death of you, a family member, a travelling companion or a business partner.

Trip Interruption - Return Air Only
Reimburses the additional airline transportation expenses incurred by you to reach the return destination for trip interruptions due to one of the Unforeseen events shown in the Trip Interruption section.

Trip Delay
Reimburses up to $200 per day for reasonable additional expenses until travel becomes possible if your trip is delayed for more than 5 hours due to covered reasons.

Missed Connection
Reimburses you if Inclement Weather or Common Carrier causes cancellation or a delay of regularly scheduled airline flights for three or more hours to your point of departure.

Baggage & Personal Effects
Reimburses you if your luggage is lost, damaged, or stolen while on your trip.

Baggage Delay
Reimburses you for the purchase of necessary personal effects if your bags are delayed for more than 12 hours.

Accident Sickness Medical Expense
Pays for medical expenses incurred while on a trip.

Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains
Covers evacuation expenses as directed by a physician to the nearest adequate medical facility or home in the event of death or if medically required.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Pays for loss of life and limb if it occurs within 365 days of an accident during your trip

We partner with the leading carrier:

  • "A" Rated Companies
  • Prompt Quotes
  • Immediate Binding
  • Broad Coverages
  • Customized Programs

Click the link to visit partner site to explore travel insurance options, get quotes and protect yourself.

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Commercial Insurance

Comprehensive coverage options for your business

Stars Insurance services diverse needs of small to large businesses in all aspects of their Insurance protection requirements. Our professional and flexible solutions can be purchased separately or packaged for even greater value and cost-efficiency. We operate in Wheeling, Buffalo Grove, Northbrook, Arlington Heights, Vernon Hills, Mt. Prospect, surrounding municipalities and the entire state of Illinois.

Please contact us to get a more detailed information and quotes for the Commercial Insurance options for your business:

  • Business owners policy (BOP)
  • Commercial general liability
  • Commercial property insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Errors and omissions
  • Commercial umbrella insurance
  • Workers compensation
  • And more …

Insurance For Professionals

Safeguarding your professional practice

STARS Insurance provides solutions to the specialists in a wide range of professions. We specialize in insuring specific industries, such as healthcare, personal care, and real estate to name a few. We know the unique risks of your profession and can help you minimize those exposures with customized insurance protection.

As a self-employed professional or an employee of a company, you may not have a big budget to spend on insurance. Working with us will help you get the most effective protection at a competitive rate.

From managing your controllable risks to planning for unpredictable disasters, STARS Insurance offers you the help to prepare for the future. To learn more about our coverages for professionals contact us today.

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